Easy Fabric

Boutique Management Software

"Easy Fabric" is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and enhance the management and operations of boutiques, cloth stores, and similar businesses that provide fabric and stitching services. This software offers a range of features and functionalities to simplify various aspects of boutique management:

Order Management

Easy Fabric allows boutique owners and staff to efficiently take orders from customers. It includes a user-friendly interface where employees can input order details such as fabric choices, stitching preferences, and any specific requirements provided by the customers.

Catalogue Management

The option to upload pictures of your fabric and clothing catalogue is a valuable feature. It allows customers to view available fabrics and designs, which can be particularly helpful for online or remote ordering. It also simplifies the sales process by providing visual aids for customers.

Dress Categorization

You can categorize dresses based on styles, designs, or types, making it easy to manage a diverse range of clothing options. This categorization helps in organizing inventory and providing a clear overview of available products.

Customer Database

Easy Fabric includes a customer management module where you can store essential customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and measurements. This database helps in building strong customer relationships and personalized service.

Customer Communication

You can use the software to send notifications, updates, and special offers to your customers, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

Measurement Tracking

The software enables you to record and store measurements for individual customers. This feature ensures accurate fittings and reduces errors in the stitching process, improving customer satisfaction.

Payment Tracking

The software facilitates the management of payments from customers. You can record payments, generate invoices or receipts, and keep track of outstanding balances. This helps in maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring timely payments.

Location Based Attendance

Employees in a boutique (firm) can login to their account easily with their mobile devices and capture their photograph to submit during in and out time. Daily attendance and Monthly attendance report of employees can be viewed easily by the owner of the firm with Jerobyte's Easy Fabric Software.

Reporting and Analytics

The software may include reporting tools that offer insights into your boutique's performance. You can generate reports on sales, customer trends, and inventory turnover, helping you make informed business decisions

Delivery Calendar

Easy Fabric software provides a calendar view of the upcoming deliveries for a month specified under the delivery date of each each order with order number. On clicking ,customer and order details get listed.

User Access Control

To maintain data security and privacy, the software can offer role-based access control, allowing you to restrict access to sensitive information to authorized personnel only.


Depending on your specific needs, Easy Fabric may offer customization options to tailor the software to your boutique's unique requirements.