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Easy Profit Post Sales Service CRM

Jerobtye's Easy Profit is a service CRM for any industry handling AMC, warranty and customer service which is user friendly and includes all CRM features .

Call and Customer Support refers to the set of features and functionalities that CRM software provides to assist businesses in managing their interactions with customers and ensuring a positive customer experience after a sale has been made. Key features include

Call Logging and Tracking

Customer Profile

Call History

Security and Data Privacy

Automation and Workflow

Engineer live tracking involves using GPS and mobile technology to monitor the real-time location of field service engineers or technicians. Notable Features in our CRM are,

Engineer Attendance Management

Engineer Payment Calculation

Field Engineer Performance Analysis

Call Request from Engineers for visiting nearby Customers

Field Engineer Performance Analysis

Self Call Assignment by Engineers

The primary goal of sales management is to achieve the company's sales objectives, maximize revenue, and ensure long-term profitability. Here's a comprehensive elaboration of key aspects of our sales management feature Tracking customer interactions to identify opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling

Product Invoice Details and Search

Regular Sales Order - Direct Sales Order for a Product

Service Sales Order - After Quotation Generation

Option for Importing Sales Order History

Easy Fabric

Boutique Management Software

"Easy Fabric" is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and enhance the management and operations of boutiques, cloth stores, and similar businesses that provide fabric and stitching services.

Easy Case

Law Management Software

"Easy Case" is a specialized software solution designed to streamline and enhance the management of legal cases for law firms and legal practitioners. This comprehensive software offers a range of features and functionalities to simplify various aspects of legal case management.


College Management Software

To enhance the administrative and operational aspects of educational institutions, Jerobyte has designed "Kollege", a comprehensive college management software. It simplifies administrative tasks, enhances communication, and provides valuable insights for colleges and universities, ultimately improving the overall educational experience for students and the efficiency of staff and faculty.

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Conducting business with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles.

Collaboration and Customer-Centricity

Fostering a collaborative work environment to harness the collective expertise of the team.
Prioritizing client satisfaction and long-term relationships.

Evolution and Quality

Continuous development, adaptation, and improvement of customer relationship management practices over time.
Upholding the highest standards of quality in all deliverables.

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